What if you could give every student the course schedule they wanted — every time?

Course Match  is an advanced course registration platform that uses Nobel Prize winning economics to let registrars maximize student outcomes while lowering costs.

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95-99% of students receive a top pick class and every schedule is the fairest possible

Administrators reduce costs by knowing which sections they can drop without affecting student satisfaction

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"Everyone is a little stunned at how positive the results appear to be."
"Our single largest increase in student satisfaction in 20 years."
How Course Match Works

1. Students rank the classes they want

A powerful search quickly filters the catalog. Classes get added or removed with a click. Ranking is drag-and-drop.


2. Allocate schedules with a click

Start the Course Match algorithm once all students have submitted their preferences. Powerful analytics let you know every detail about the distribution of class seats to students.


3. Achieve stunning student results and lower costs

Improve your already optimized allocation by adjusting seat capacities and dropping unnecessary sections.

An algorithm that surpasses auctions and lotteries, and everything else

Course Match applies Nobel Prize winning economics to create the fairest and most efficient possible assignment of class schedules. Its results are proven in published academic research and in the real world.

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Complete solution

From course catalogs to waitlists, Course Match covers the entire registration experience.

Built for higher education

Course Match integrates with academic IT systems and is backed by leading security practices (including FERPA compliance).

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Our team is with you at each stage so that every course registration you run is a success.

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